Exciting Announcement!

Hello, lovelies! Hope you’re having a great day. I know I am! Last night was fantastic, I still have a tough time believing what happened. It was simply wonderful!

There, have I piqued your interest yet? Do I have your attention?? I do? Okay.

NO NO NO. THAT’S NOT IT. I’m sorry I came across that gif and just had to use it. Guess you could say I’m feeling Marvel-ous.

My bad. It’s just that I am high on a special something. No, not on drugs. Whatever gave you that idea anyway?

Seriously who do you think I am? Don’t answer that.

By now there can only be two types of response to my humor.



OKAY. The point of this post (yes there is one) is to let you know that thanks to a generous someone, I am going to make five of you lovely people very happy. More specifically: five bookworms.

Back to what’s got me so happy. Some of you already know how much I love Matt from Anya and the Shy Guy by Suze Winegardner. If you don’t know, then check out my review of the book here. Due to the overwhelming response I got from you fangirls out there, I figured lots of you already love Matt (even if you haven’t read the book). Initially, I planned to write up a post about Matt, so we can all fangirl and swoon over him together. I was looking for a celebrity to picture him as and to add to the post but I just couldn’t. Then, I thought “Who could be better at visualizing him than the author?”. Flash forward and not only did I have a really hot guy as Matt, the author went the extra mile and is sending me a mini swag pack and offered to help me out with a giveaway. YES, a giveaway for YOU.

Here’s a photo of the swag:


There are two sides to each bookmark. One side is the cover and blurb of Anya and the Shy Guy; the other is the Seconds to Juliet concert tickect design.

There will be a total of FIVE winners. EACH winner will win a SIGNED BOOKMARK and a SIGNED FRIDGE MAGNET- courtesy of the author. INTERNATIONAL.

My job is to get that post up, which means I’m going to re-read the book and gather ALL the facts; your job is to go and read the book. Why? Because I am not going to use Rafflecopter. The reason being that I don’t want any of the swag to end up in the wrong hands, as in:

  • You have never heard of Anya and the Shy Guy and you don’t plan on ever reading it either
  • You have no interest in the book/series
  • You just want to win something, you really don’t care what

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh but I had to be straightforward because I really want these prizes to be won by people who

  • Are HUGE fans of the book/series
  • Have never read the book/series but have given serious thought to reading it
  • Couldn’t wait for Anya and the Shy Guy to be released and now that it is, it’s just a matter of time before you get it and read it

But I guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore, because what you are going to do is read the book and convince me that YOU should be one of the lucky five winners. Also, please don’t use sentences like, “I should be the winner of this giveaway because…” or “I think I should win because…”. THAT’S NOT YOU! Be yourself, keep it real; fangirl, caps lock entire sentences, have typos in your sentences because your head and fingers aren’t really working together.

You will do the convincing/fangirling in the comments of the post dedicated to Matt. Which means… If all goes well and I post it next Sunday, you have approximately one week to read the book and the giveaway will be open from then until I get all five winners.

Of course, I understand if you are unable to get Anya in this one week, so don’t worry as quite a number of you have expressed your genuine interest in this book and I trust you. 🙂 Most importantly, relax, enjoy the book and Matt! Once again huge thanks to Suze Winegardner for everything! ❤

Have a bookish day/night and hugs! ❤

19 thoughts on “Exciting Announcement!

  1. Bhramori says:

    But I can’t. 😦
    Because at the moment I am so booked, I can’t even tell you. I WANT to read this one (you know I do, don’t you?) but money…. sigh. And between How to Fall In Love and City of Heavenly Fire and When It Rains, I’m not sure I could finish the book this week even if I managed to get it.
    *starts wailing her heart out*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tasha says:

      Uhhh, Bhramori? Who said you aren’t?
      I totally understand; my life is a mess right now. And money should be growing on TREES. OMG you’re reading City of Heavenly Fire??
      Yes, so many books, so little time. *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bhramori says:

        Oh, I’m saying that myself, Tasha, because I really don’t think I can manage to read the book within this week. It’s practically impossible. 😦 I think it might kill me if I stop CoHF now (yes, I’m reading it) and two of my friends at school might kill me if I don’t finish When It Rains soon. (Not that I can let myself abandon it, either. It’s got me hooked. BADLY.)
        So… I guess there’s nothing else to do than cry… 😥

        Liked by 1 person

        • Tasha says:

          I was typing another comment; I wasn’t finished. I guess what I was trying to say is that you are definitely going to be in the running, Bhramori! I know how badly you want to read this and that in different circumstances you would. And we did fangirl over it in the comments of my review, did we not? (GUYS WITH GLASSES) Also, I’m in Malaysia and girl, I know how hard it is to actually win a giveaway here! So, cheer up! ❤


  2. Bhramori says:

    *trying to dry up my tears* but good luck to all the participants! I hope that the ones who get lucky are ones who really want to read the book! (You really used your brains on this one, didn’t you?)
    Okay, I can say no more. *retreats again to cry*


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