The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski || ARC Review


Title: The Girlfriend Request

Author: Jodie Andrefski

Series: –

Genre: YA, Contemporary

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

Pages: 216 pages, Kindle Edition

Publication Date: January 11th 2016

My Rating: ★★★

Updating best friend to girlfriend is more than a change of status…

Emma has been best friends with Eli since she moved to his neighborhood ten years ago. Tired of being cast in the role of the girl next door, Emma creates a fake Facebook profile in the hopes of starting an online friendship with Eli, which would hopefully lead to more. Like…way more. From friend request to In a Relationship–it all seemed so completely logical when she’d planned it.

Eli can’t figure out what Emma is up to. He’s pretty sure she’s the one behind the Facebook profile, but then again, why would she do something so drastic instead of just admitting she wants to be more than friends? And who the heck is this new guy he saw her with? Eli starts to think that just maybe…he missed his chance with the girl next door.

Two best friends, one outlandish ruse. Their status is about to become way more than It’s Complicated…
This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one fake Facebook profile, two best friends who secretly crave each other, and a dreaded sex talk with parents…boy crush in the room included. Pushing a relationship beyond the friend zone has never been so crazy…

Hi all! I’m back today with a review of The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski. I received an advance reader’s copy from the publisher, Entangled: Crush, thank you!

As some of you know, I absolutely adore books by this publisher and wouldn’t hesitate to read them. For the record this is the first Entangled: Crush book that has left me disappointed and received  a lower than 4 stars rating.

Firstly, the plot. The whole idea of creating a fake profile to woo your best friend seemed problematic. Personally, I would never have done it but that’s the point of reading right? To “do” things that you would never do in real life. So, I guess I was on board with the idea. That is, before I saw how badly executed her little plan was. She used a picture of a random girl from a catalog (I think) as the profile picture and named her “Kelli”. When time comes she’ll reveal that she’s actually Kelli and all will be well. What she doesn’t bank on is Eli actually figuring it all out way before the big reveal. In my opinion, it’s no wonder he found out. It was all so obvious, from Kelli’s interests to the way “Kelli” spoke. It was all so EMMA.

Badly executed scheme aside, Emma was pretty relatable. Lots of us would identify with her insecurities, especially when it came to falling for your best friend. But after awhile, Emma became unbearable. Her inability to decide and the constant secrets and lies. I felt she was digging her own grave from the beginning but, hey! it was still shallow. Well, not for long. The girl piled on lie after lie and dug her grave so deep, I didn’t even know how she planned on getting out. The saying, “one lie leads to another” is so appropriate here.

Not to mention her constant habit of jumping to conclusions, which wasn’t that bad at first but soon grew irritating and tiring. Lots of the conflict in this book could have been avoided if she thought things through instead of acting on every whim she had.

As you can see, Emma isn’t my favorite character ever.

Eli, on the other hand, was not that bad? He was always there for her, protecting her and standing up for her. But like many of us do when we’ve grown used to having someone around, he took her for granted. To be honest, I don’t really know much about Eli because every time his chapter came he was fixated on Emma. I know that he likes Star Wars, has a pet named Vader, is an athlete and is spontaneous. Nothing about him left much of an impression. But I liked him. He wasn’t WOW but he was a nice guy. I actually understand how Eli’s emotions towards Emma sort of shifted quite suddenly. It may seem unrealistic on paper but your feelings toward a person can actually change once get to know their true feelings for you. Or even suspect they have a crush on you.

Jake is the guy Emma gets to play her fake boyfriend after she’s dug her grave even deeper. He’s 19 and less dramatic than the other characters here. Maybe it’s because of his age? I felt he was quite reliable and mature until he did something very non-Jake-like towards the end.

This book has way too much drama for its on good. It became overwhelming and sickening. When the pace isn’t crawling, it’s DRAMA. Or lack of communication between Emma and Eli. For best friends, miscommunication was definitely their biggest problem. Which led to more drama and more conflict.

It wasn’t all bad though, there were funny moments, mostly involving Emma’s parents and I found myself laughing out loud thanks to them.

I don’t have much to say about the writing except for there being too much description and not enough dialogue.

I wouldn’t say this is a book you have to read but it had its moments.

So, have you read The Girlfriend Request? What did you think? I want to know your opinion on it, so leave a link if you’ve reviewed it or simply let me know in the comments. The Girlfriend Request releases tomorrow if you’re interested in getting it. I hope you enjoyed this review and have a bookish day. ❤





7 thoughts on “The Girlfriend Request by Jodie Andrefski || ARC Review

    • Tasha says:

      They’ve got some of the best books!
      You totally should, don’t let our reviews discourage you from picking this up. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your review of it.
      Thank you! 🙂

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