Hello fellow readers! First off, thank you for checking out my blog.

This blog was created in hopes of having a haven where bookworms like myself can take refuge and rant over all things book related. Here, there are no rules, feel free to be as nerdy, geeky, weird as you wish and know that I will never  judge you. Show me your… worst? And I’ll show you mine. 😉

The name “Head In The Clouds, Heart In The Books” was inspired by various people/things/events in my life. The “Head In The Clouds” part? A side effect of being called a dreamer by numerous people and living up to the title. The second part is kind of personal. It’s like every book I read I just leave a part of me with it, be it a book I adore or a book I dislike. Pieces of my heart are scattered all over my bookshelves and in books.

The posts featured:

  • Reviews
  • Weekly features/ memes
  • Book hauls
  • Bookish journeys (book fairs, book signings…)
  • Rants
  • And many more!

I hope you have a great time here! Remember to like, share and comment if something catches your fancy! Your honest feedback and comment(s) are welcomed! 🙂


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