Big Bad Wolf 2015 Book Haul

Hi guys! As promised in my last post here's the book haul, but first, some shots of the book fair and whatnot. Here are the preview passes my mom and I got: A collage of the fair: I'm not sure if you can tell by the photos but trust me when I say it's HUGE. … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf 2015 Book Haul

August 1st Book Haul

Hello bookworms! I am back today with a very small book haul- good books nonetheless. So, before yesterday I hadn't been to a bookstore in a month. One month! Insane! To break my unintentional streak I paid a visit to BookXcess yesterday and walked out with only one book in hand. Unfreakingbelieveable. I was quite … Continue reading August 1st Book Haul

May 29th Book Haul

Hola everyone!! I am so excited to share with you the biggest book haul I've ever posted on this blog. Two days ago Big Bad Wolf was having a HUGE sale and it was a BOX SALE!! As in you buy a box for RM 80 (small) or RM 100 (large), then you're free to grab … Continue reading May 29th Book Haul

May 3rd Book Haul

Hello everyone! Two days ago I bought 18 books ( book haul here), today I bought 16 books!! I am overjoyed! I got them all at BookXcess for RM 9.90 each.BookXcess is a local bookstore in Malaysia where all books are sold at 50-70% discount. The reason being all the books they sell are the excess … Continue reading May 3rd Book Haul

May 1st Book Haul

Oh my God guys, I am so happy!! I went to the MPH Warehouse Sale today and got 18 books and a bunch of Tarot Card sets! I even got a signed copy of Four by Veronica Roth for FREE! If you guys are wondering how the hell does one get a signed copy of … Continue reading May 1st Book Haul