2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge Book Nominees

First, I’d like to say a quick thank you to you guys for helping out with some of the categories. I really, really appreciate it! I just found out that The Giver is banned in certain areas and since it’s on my TBR, I’ve added it to the challenge. Also, I’ve checked with some people on Goodreads and found out it’s okay to use just one of your initials that’s same as the author’s. Continue reading


Help needed!

Hi guys! Remember I said I was officially doing the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge? I also said something about needing your help. Well, I’m really excited about this challenge and I’ve even drafted a post on all the books I’ve chosen. But I am really stuck right now and I’m hoping you guys can get me unstuck.

So here are the categories I can’t figure out what books to pick:

• A classic romance (I have never read any classics)
• A book based on a true story
• A book more than 100 years old
• A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t (I have read all the books given as “assignments”. Is it okay if I use a book that I brought to school with the intention of reading it but never did?)
• A book that takes place in your hometown (My hometowns is Penang Island here in Malaysia and it is impossible to find a book set there. What should I do? Should I find a book set in some other island?)
• A book written by an author with your same initials (Mine is T.S.)
• A play
• A banned book (Here in Malaysia the only banned book I know of is Fifty Shades of Grey and I am not about to read that. Any good banned books where you live?)

I’m sorry there are so many of them I can’t seem to fill. 😦 Thanks in advance! Hugs! ❤